• USAT Triathlon Coach 
  • Former Collegiate Cross Country and Track Athlete 
  • Coached Cross Country and Track at the Collegiate Level 
  • Current High School Cross Country and Track Coach 
  • 2 years of Swim Instructor Experience

I have been doing endurance sports all of my life. I have had many injuries, and I have found the number one important thing you can do with a structured program is too add a strength routine. When you swim, bike, and run all of the time you develope muscle imbalances. My goal as a coach is to figure out where your muscle balances are and develop an individualized strength program for you. With an individualized strength program and an individualized swim, bike, run program, you will be fitter, faster, stronger, and will stay injury free.

Let me help you have your best Triathlon Season!


Monthly Rate: $200 a month. In depth consultation via phone, or in person. Includes structured daily workouts on Unlimited communication via phone or email, and a one on one coaching workout for each of the disciplines every month.

Training plans: $100 for three months. Includes a phone or in person consultation, going over your goals, etc. An individualized three month written training plan.

One on One Coaching:
30 minutes: $20
60 minutes: $40
90 minutes: $60
120 minutes: $60
150 minutes: $60
180 minutes: $60
210 minutes: $80
240 minutes: $100

6 months paid in full: 10% discount.

12 months paid in full: 15% discount.

Want to learn how to swim or fine tune your stroke? I have two years of swim instructor experience and have taught kids ages 3 years old all of the way up to 60 year old men. If you want to make that next step and get out of the water with the leaders or if you just want to get more comfortable in the water, I am your guy!

Swim Instruction: $20 every 30 minutes. I can meet at any pool in the Eugene/Springfield area. I can do underwater video taping of your stroke, as well as watch you from underwater and on deck. This way I will be able to see all of your deficiencies in the water, and I will be able to give you drills to work on.

You can contact me at #541-337-3122, or