About Me

I grew up a running and ran cross country and track through college. I had trouble running everyday and seemed to become injured a lot. I decided to buy a bike to cross train and fell in love. I read about this "funky sport" called "triathlons" that compromised swimming, biking, and running all in one race. I thought it was the coolest thing, and I decided I would teach myself how to swim and compete in one of these things. I went as far as getting a triathlon logo tattoo on my leg to remind me to get in the pool. I did my first Triathlon in May of 2009. I placed 4th overall and won my age group, and fell in love with the sport immediately. Since then I have competed in a handful of sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, and two half ironmans. I have had some success and have won a few races. My goal for the next year is to step up to the next level and become pro after the 2014 Triathlon season.

(That is me on the right)

While on this journey of endurance racing, I have become very interested in all of the theories of training. I have read tons of training books and studies that have been done on endurance training and nutrition. This has got me interested in sharing my knowledge to others. My goal is to be able to coach Aspiring Triathletes, to help them reach the next level, and to help them accomplish all of their fitness goals.